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Praline - Owned by Cheryl Pyrek

Click Here for Training Facility Directions

Major Article on our own Retief South!
by Louis Fallon, reprinted by permission, all rights reserved

Agility Class Etiquette Booklet
A Guide To Your First Agility Class
by Tom Francis & Windy City Trainers
(As published in Clean Run Magazine, Dec. '08!!)

Build Your Own Agility Jumps
Do-It-Yourself Portable Jumps
by Galen South, Tom Francis & Windy City Trainers

Links to Photos of our
Trials and Classes

by Karen Hollis of Sirius Pet Images

Windy City Agility Club is a not-for-profit organization sponsoring dog agility-related activities for mixed breed and purebred dogs in the Chicagoland area.

Our Mission
To further the advancement of the sport of dog agility.

To help owners of purebred and mixed breed canines develop their companion dogs' intellectual and physical abilities.

To honor worthy dogs and trainers, and to help club members earn agility titles through training and mutual support.

To hold and support local agility trials and matches.

To promote fair play and good sportsmanship over individual gain, and to join the competitive spirit with the fun environment of the sport of dog agility.
Constitution & By-Laws

If you are a newcomer to the sport of agility looking for information about the sport of agility, check out The Clean Run (agility magazine) ,
(search engine and info resource),
Steve Schwarz's AgilityNerd,
Agility Ability (agility info, resourses, and links)
and Trial Listings at

If you are looking for information concerning agility events in the Chicagoland area, wander our pages and see what we have to offer.

Our Newsletter: The Scramble
Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran club member, there's always something interesting in The Scramble, which is mailed to our members. Our ace editor, Toni Ginnetti, puts together a newsletter full of agility stories, helpful information, photos, club news, and dog features. You can check it out here in PDF format by clicking on this link:
The Scramble
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